1.What is the difference between printf ( ) and scanf ( )?
What is the difference between getchar ( ) and getchare ( )?
Differentiate between “iostream.h” and <iostream.h>.?
What is the difference between scanf ( ) and gets ( )?
Can a C program be written without main ( )?
6. What is polymorphism?
7. What is inheritance?
8. What is virtual function?
9. What is binding?
10. What is friend function?

11. What is type casting?
12. What is a thread?
13. What is socket programming?
14. What is the difference between application and applet?
15. What is RMI and servlet?
16. Address on the net is _______
17. Which is the language for queries used in RDBMS?
18. Fastest growing OS for Intel PC
19. In database what is validity of the stored data A. data integrity B. mining C. processing D. independence
20. Which is true for cellular mobile communication regarding uplink and downlink frequency
21. Testing used to test internal logic
22. Java key word? A. final B. extend C. abstract D. long
23. Which variable can be accessed by all the functions of a program?
24. Which of the following is a nonlinear data structure? A. stack B. queue C. linked list D. tree
25. Which of the following is not a .net compatible? A. vb.net B. asp.net C. c# D. cobol.net
26.printf("%c","abcdef",4[]); What is the output of above program?
27.What happens when an array pointed out by temp is freed using free()?
28. Which is a type of primary memory? A. RAM and ROM B. HDD C. CDROM D. none of these
. CDROM access is A. RANDOM B. SEMI RANDOM C. SEQUENTIAL D. none of these
30. What is the output of the program? main() { char a='123' printf ("%c n",a); return
31. Which key in any windows screen is used to invoke file menu?
32. Which is the latest OS? A. XP B. NT C. 98 D. 2000
33. Stacks and queues are A. primitive data structures B. non-primitive data structures C. non-linear data
34.Which is linear model? A. water fall model B. classical C. chaos model
35.Virtual memory size depends on A. address lines B. data bus C. disc space D. both A and B E. none of the above
36.The binary equivalent of 188 is?
37.The network connecting all the networks are called A. INTERNET B. INTRANET C. ETHERNET D. none of these?
38.The layer not present in TCP/IP model is: A. security layer B. presentation layer C. both A and B D.?

Tree is a type of data structure A. primitive data structure B. non-primitive data structure C. none?

40.The protocol used to transfer web pages A. HTTP B. FTP C.TCP/IP


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