CTS technical question paper

Frequentelly asked technical questions in CTS :-



1.Explain ur project
2. Do u know Database ?
3. what is normalisation?
4. what r d types n explain each?
5. give examples each type..?
6. what is a priamary key?
7. what is a iegn key?
8. what is a composite key?
9. what is d difference between unique key n priamry key?
10. what r constraints?

11. write a query to include a constraint while creating a table to check ?whether the employee salary is greater than 5000?
12. what is ASP.NET?
13. what is Global.ascx?
14. how hav u used user control?
15. what r d various functions in Global.ascx?
16. what is the use of session fuction?
17. how can we ce garbage collection?
18. string and string buffer class?
19. what is difference between == == and equals method?
20. There were 253 games played so that atleast two team from the group play ?each other. Find out the maximum no of team? a)441 b)400 c)361 d)484          
21. What is Descriptive Programing? In which cases, we will go for descriptive programing?          
22. how can u assign firefighter ids from one firefighter admin to another firefighter admin if current admin leaves from organization without told to any body?    
23. Can any one explain what is mean by Driver Script? is it AOM?    
24. if a page have 3different layouts(list,crosstab,chart)can you show the 3 leyouts in 3 different formates (pdf,excel,csv)?          
25. can you apply grouping on crosstab?    


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